Training and Events

CPE Requirements

CFEs need to complete 20 hours of CPE per 12-month period. At least 10 of these must relate directly to the detection and deterrence of fraud and 2 hours must related directly to ethics. If a CFE has earned more than 20 CPE hours of CPE in 2012, they may carry forward up to 10 of these extra hours to meet their 2013 CPE requirements.

CPE activity that falls within one of the following categories will be considered ethics-related under the ACFE’s CPE guidelines: Regulatory Ethics, Behavioral Ethics or Professional Ethics.

All ACFE courses are considered fraud-related. If CPE credits earned through another source fall within one of the following general categories, it is considered fraud-related under ACFE CPE guidelines.

  • Financial Transactions and Fraud Schemes
  • Law Related to Fraud
  • Investigation Techniques
  • Fraud Prevention and Deterrence

Upcoming chapter meetings

25 October 2017 – Detecting Deception in a Corporate Environment