Membership of Brisbane Chapter

The Brisbane Chapter of the ACFE was reorganised in late 2009 with the Chapter being incorporated on 13 November 2009. The Chapter was reorganised to provide a forum for South-East Queensland based CFE and Associate Members to meet their colleagues in the industry, pass on information on current fraud trends and obtain (and provide) training in fraud prevention and detection techniques.

“As we all know, fraud covers numerous industries and new fraudulent schemes are being created all the time. As a Chapter which supports the fraud fighting effort, we have a responsibility to stay on top of the different fraudulent schemes being created and educate our members and community on fraud detection, investigation and deterrence. Our success in this effort depends entirely on how involved our members are.”

Download Membership Application Form here

Please feel free to direct any enquiry about membership or other details of the Brisbane Chapter to the Chapter President.

We are able to have Affiliates join the chapter. An Affiliate is not required to be a member of the ACFE as a CFE or an Associate. An Affiliate is not eligible to hold office, vote, participate on Chapter Committees or present themselves as a member of the Association. They will receive the chapter newsletter and will be welcome to attend all chapter training sessions at the member rate.

No Membership Fees

The committee has decided to start the chapter without a membership fee. The money required to run the chapter will be made from fees for training events and other social events for members and guests. The committee will review this policy from time to time.

Continued Professional Education

One of the main roles of the chapter is to provide continued fraud related training to its members. This training will be in a format that can be used by members as CPE points as required.