Welcome to the ACFE Brisbane Chapter

Our next ACFE event will be an event run by the Corruption Prevention Network Queensland (CPNQ) to be held on Thursday 25 October 2018 and will be presented by Mr Graeme Edwards (former ACFE President).

Graeme will be discussing personal and corporate data security and the amount of data we lose through our use of mobile devices. For this data leakage, government departments, companies and individuals become vulnerable to identity theft and corporate espionage.

Graeme’s presentations are always informative and at a level such that both computer technical and non technical audience members can appreciate.

To register go to www.cpnq.org/content/standard.asp?name=OnlineRegistration

The event which will go for about 1 hour will be hosted by our friends at BDO on level 10, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane.

Please arrive by 12.15pm.

CPNQ is a voluntary organisation and is not insured for public liability. Members, visitors and others should take this into consideration when deciding whether to participate or otherwise be involved in CPNQ.

Join us June 20th, 2018, 5.30pm for a regular ACFE Brisbane Chapter Meeting and Annual General Meeting

Stay up-to-date with your ACFE Brisbane Chapter: www.brisbaneacfe.org

Please note: The ACFE Brisbane Chapter does not hold public liability insurance. By registering for or attending an event you agree to participate in the event at your own risk and to indemnify and keep indemnified the ACFE Brisbane Chapter and its officers and any related entities and event organisers against all claims, suits, actions or demands which may be brought in respect of any injury or other loss sustained by you or anyone participating in the ACFE Brisbane Chapter meeting or event and agree to exonerate the ACFE Brisbane Chapter and its officers and any related entities and event organisers from all responsibility and from all loss or injury to any person due to alleged liability or otherwise.



Thank you to everyone who attended the last meeting of the Brisbane ACFE and AGM hosted by Dave Morgan of PKF Forensics and Risk Services. We wish to thank Dave Morgan and PKF Forensics and Risk Services Team for their support in providing topics for discussion as well as the venue.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the outgoing committee members for all the effort they have put into the chapter over the past 12 months and members who continue to support the Chapter in making it a success. Also, thanks go to the sponsors who have supported the Brisbane Chapter, without their support the regular meetings we have would not be possible.

I am happy to announce the Committee for the next financial year:

Julie Witham (President)

Milind Tiwari (Vice President)

Carla Jaggar (Secretary)

Raj Shah (Treasurer)

Brenda Mudie (Education Coordinator)

Committee members

Andrew Howard

Adrian Gepp

Russell Mills

Robert Thomson

Brendan Read

Details of the speaker, topic and venue for the next Chapter meeting will be announced shortly. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Milind Tiwari, CFE, CAMS
Vice-President of ACFE Brisbane Chapter

Newsletter – May 2018

Please find the link to the Chapter President’s newsletter here.

Brisbane Chapter Meeting and AGM – Wednesday 20 June 2018

  • Kindly hosted by Dave Morgan of PKF Forensics and Risk Services at Level 6, 10 Eagle St Brisbane.
  • Speaker is David Morgan (Managing Director – PKF’s Integrity Services Practice)

In his presentation to the ACFE, David will spend some time providing insight on some recent cases himself and his team have been dealing with. These integrity related issues inside the Australian workplace are broad, different and changing. David will provide further insight on these cases by looking at the economic, market and political issues at play as well.

  • AGM to follow after presentation.

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President’s Welcome

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is the worlds largest anti-fraud group, with over 75,000 members worldwide with the Certified Fraud Examiner credential is recognised globally as proof of excellence in fraud prevention, detection and investigation.

The Brisbane Chapter of the ACFE has been created to extend and enhance fraud awareness, skills and training amongst like minded professionals across Queensland.

We achieve this through the provision of ongoing anti-fraud training and education, and opportunities for Members to both network with each other and other like-minded groups. In the past year, we have held a number of events for our Members, with industry speakers presenting on a range of pertinent anti-fraud topics. To view a list of our past training events, click here.

If you are interested in presenting to the Brisbane Chapter please contact training@brisbaneacfe.org.

We look forward to seeing you at our next chapter meeting.


Dr Graeme Edwards – President ACFE Brisbane Chapter


The CFE Credential

The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) credential denotes proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence. CFEs around the world help protect the global economy by uncovering fraud and implementing processes to prevent fraud from occurring in the first place.

The ACFE Mission

The mission of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners is to reduce the incidence of fraud and white-collar crime and to assist the Membership in fraud detection and deterrence. To accomplish our mission, the ACFE:

  • Provides bona fide qualifications for Certified Fraud Examiners through administration of the CFE Examination
  • Sets high standards for admission, including demonstrated competence through mandatory continuing professional education
  • Requires Certified Fraud Examiners to adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and ethics
  • Serves as the international representative for Certified Fraud Examiners to business, government and academic institutions
  • Provides leadership to inspire public confidence in the integrity, objectivity, and professionalism of Certified Fraud Examiners