ACFE Brisbane Chapter Meeting 31st August, 2016



Eventbrite - August 2016 ACFE Brisbane Chapter Meeting

For our professional development, David Lehmann, CFE, Director at KordaMentha Forensic, with colleague Brendan Read, a Director in KordaMentha’s Forensic Technology team, will be sharing their insights on Fraud and the first 48 hours.

Fraud and the first 48 hours

Just like the television series, ‘48 hours’, which highlights this critical time period for investigators following a homicide, other crimes such as fraud also have to be handled carefully in the informative stages.

If the response to significant incidents of fraud is not carefully considered and planned, the risk of a poor outcome increases significantly. Poor outcomes include loss of evidence, inability to recover assets and the possibility of litigation brought about by the inappropriate handling of the suspect.

In this session, based on a hypothetical fraud scenario, we will discuss what should and shouldn’t be done when discovering that a fraud has occurred in your organisation. We will cover issues such as, but not limited to:

 The importance of ‘hastening slowly’

 Internal and external reporting protocols

 Engaging the right stakeholders

 Engaging with whistleblowers and witnesses

 Undertaking appropriate preparation and planning

 Covert or overt actions?

 Preservation of evidence – restricting access to site and systems

 What do we do with the suspect?

 Suspect interviews

 The report

 Engaging with law enforcement.

The ACFE Brisbane Chapter invites you to join us at KordaMentha, Level 14, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane on Wednesday 31 August 2016, 5.00 p.m. for a 5.30 p.m. start.

About our Speakers

David Lehmann, CFE

David is a Director in the Forensic practice of KordaMentha based in Brisbane. David is a CFE with extensive experience in law enforcement and in excess of twelve years’ experience as a forensic practitioner, both in Australia and overseas, having led the Forensic practice of another firm in Malaysia for over five years.

He has extensive experience in leading a wide range of projects across most major industry sectors in Australia, throughout Southeast Asia, China, India and South America. These projects included conducting fraud and corruption investigations, managing outsourced whistleblowing services, conducting fraud risk assessments and framework reviews, implementation of fraud and physical security risk strategy, conducting code of conduct reviews, Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) due diligence investigations and best practice reviews of functional areas of government agencies.

Brendan Read

Brendan has over 10 years’ experience in Forensic Technology and Investigations specialising in the provision of forensic services, including:

 Seizure and analysis of digital evidence

 Data recovery

 eDiscovery

 Electronic evidence issues

 Preservation of electronic evidence

 Conducting information security, fraud, misconduct and intellectual property theft investigations.

Brendan has also worked in a variety of criminal investigation roles as an appointed Detective within the Qld Police Service which included the High Tech Crime Investigation Unit. He has performed complex computer forensic examinations on computer systems for businesses, government agencies, criminal investigations and civil litigation.